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I woke up to find out I got a Daily Deviation on
Skull Island by metal-marty
A warning next time would be nice omg.

But thaaanks~
That would be me, yes. It's been a damn long time, huh?

Well, anyway, my tablet is broken, so I can't do commissions until I get a new one. All I can and will do for now are pixel dolls. So if there's some character you would like me to do as a pixel doll, just let me know. I'm open for suggestions.

That's all, I guess. Cheers!
Hello, my friends, how's life?
Don't worry, I'm not dead or something, I just need a little break from drawing. I will start again soon, then finish the picture for :iconviolet-blind-ninja: and open commissions again.

Ok, what else, what else... Right! Because I'm not drawing these days, I keep sketching random things and making GIFs, so if you want to see some of these and know what's going on with me, follow my tumblr

Okie dokie, I guess that's all for now.
Hope you are all doing great. <333
Aaaaaaalright.  Here's my tumblr if you'd like to follow me posting stupid thing. 8D I'll follow you back.

Does anyone of you have Tumblr? I'm not into social networks or blogs and this kind of stuff, the only social sites I have are Facebook and dA, but it seems like Tumblr is quite popular these days and it looks easy to run it.
I was thinking about getting one too... I could post sketches and WIPs and other uninteresting shit there... What do you think, my friends?

I just saw all deleted scenes from the Thor movie.
Oh good lord, Tom! Loki! They really should have used at least one of those scenes where he's smiling, like REALLY smiling… , not these evil smirks he makes in Jotunheim.... he looks so sad all the time in the movie, but he's so beautiful when he smiles, why didn't they use any of these scenes in the final movie? He's so- I cannot- I WILL JUST GO AND DIE IN THE CORNER, BECAUSE I WANT HIM SO BADLY BUT I CAN'T HAVE HIM.


Also, I saw some pictures from a filming (?) of The Avengers………… and his hair is so perfect and his face is so- so- SWEET JESUS HAVE MERCY, I JUST CAN'T. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!
would be better than school again. :iconffffplz:
So I watched Thor today. Again. And I will watch it again soon.

Tom Hiddleston. This guy is sex.
Loki in a suit? HHHHNNNNNNNG

I fucking cried at the end. Again. And I know I will cry again.

I will definitely draw some Loki soon.
It's like a million degrees in here. I'm slowly melting. I tried to watch this… but it didn't help.

I can't do anything, because if I'd move, my body would probably overheat.

When I said I want summer I didn't mean A FREAKING HELL.

Alrighty, my good friends.
Commissions closed for now. If you are interested, keep your eye on this journal… , I will update it when I open them again.



Also, guys. You can always post your ideas what I could draw. Leave them as comments here.
If I get some free time I might draw something you suggested. But please, don't suggest your original characters, I draw OCs for commissions.
Besides that, I will probably draw everything else - fanart of video game, movie, tv series characters etc.

ART BLOCK FADING AWAY and Suggestions Welcome

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 28, 2011, 2:27 PM

Art Status




Ok, seems like everything is going back to normal again. THAT MEANS I'm going to continue on commish pictures tomorrow. But now, let's try to draw something...

KougaWuvs' Hades by metal-marty


So yeah.



Also, guys. You can always post your ideas what I could draw. Leave them as comments here.
If I get some free time I might draw something you suggested. But please, don't suggest your original characters, I draw OCs for commissions.
Besides that, I will probably draw everything else - fanart of video game, movie, tv series characters etc.

Hey guys, how's life?

So, a friend of mine sent me this picture :pointr: :pointl: and it's really awesome.  However, I have no idea who drew it, but I want to know it so badly. I also found it on a few tumblrs, but the artist wasn't mentioned there. I dunno if it's someone from deviantArt and I don't want to spend the whole day browsing the whole internet. So I thought maybe someone of you guys might know... If you tell me his/her name I will love you forever.
That's right. I'm going to Paris this Wednesday. It's a 5-days excursion tour and I will see most of the historic sights of Paris. I'm especially excited to visit Louvre and see Mona Lisa. I'm gonna take a looooooooooooot of pictures. Lololol yesssssssssss.

Anyway. I'm gonna make the final preparations tomorrow (you know, find a bag, decide what to wear, shave my legs and stuff... 8D) so I'm gonna finish both commission pictures after I return home.

Alrighty. What else... I think that's all... I'll respond to all messages after the return.

Also, hope you all are having a great summer. <3

Ok ok. SO. I got my computer back today. After... mhmmm lemme think... 2 FREAKIN MONTHS. GOOD LORD! THANK YOU.
AND. It seems like everything works. We'll see.
Ok, so what was the problem? Probably something was wrong with the Power Supply Unit (or however you call it in English, I found this on Wiki lol). So I got a new one and now it works. :iconfuckyeaplz:
OK SO. I'm gonna download all important stuff and my pictures today and I will try to start drawing tomorrow.

I hope it won't crash again. SO WISH ME LUCK, GUYS. :iconfistbumpplz:
Guys. GUYS. Guess what! NOTHING!
Lololol yes that's right. That guy who was supposed to repair my computer is back from hospital so I hope he will finally repair it. BECAUSE IT TOOKS SO FUCKING LONG. I can use my dad's computer, but it's impossible to draw on it, because it has a giant before-Christ desktop (and it's freakin annoying, trust me) and also my tablet doesn't work right with it.

Ok. I just wanted to let you know what's happening. I'm still alive and I check my dA messages EVERY freakin day. It's not like Candlejack kidnapped me or someth

Ok. So my computer is under repair. All I can do is check messages on my dad's computer and play Asscreed. Again, again and again.

Oooookay. So. I got my computer back. Completely empty. Again. Seems like it's working (still kinda slowly) BUT I have to keep it "clean" for the whole week. That means I can't install or download anything in it. No drawing and painting programs, no drawing tablet. I'm able to use only MS Paint, so I guess you can expect some pixel dolls in next few days.
And if it keeps being a total faggot I'm probably just gonna buy a new one. Problem solved.

That's it! I've tried everythig! But did it help? NO! And now the blue screen of death?! THIS IS WAR, MY FRIEND!
Geeeeeeeeez. My computer is the biggest crap in this universe.
My dad is taking it to work tomorrow, hopefully his co-worker will fix it.


Hey folks,
I'm sorry for not being active here these days. My computer decided to be a total bastard and it doesn't work right. I had to format disc and install everything again, but it's still slow as hell and just doesn't work with me.
I'm trying to figure out WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS USELESS IDIOT.

I apologize to everyone who I owe a commission. Don't worry, I wouldn't forget about you, guys, I think about it every day. I'm sorry it takes so long, I will try to draw all commission pictures as soon as possible.



:pointr: A full body lineart - 35 points (one character; +15 points for an additional character)

:pointr: A full body drawing - not shaded - 40 points (one character; +20 points for an additional character)
Example:… ,…

:pointr: A full body drawing - simple shading - 45 points (one character; +30 points for an additional character)
Example:… ,…

:pointr: A full body drawing - realistic shading - 50 points (one character; +35 points for an additional character)
Example:… ,…

:pointr: A half-body drawing - simple shading - 35 points (one character; +20 points for an additional character)
Example:… ,…

:pointr: Coloring a lineart - simple or realistic shading - 40 points
Example of realistic shading:…
Example of simple shading:

:bulletyellow: NO BACKGROUNDS - Every background will be transparent, white or any other colour. You can choose which one you would prefer.


- Original characters
- Fanart of any character from a video game/TV series/movie etc.
- Characters with animals/Characters with animal parts
- Soft Yaoi/Yuri
- Original characters with official (canon) characters
- Commissioner her/himself
- Robotic characters


- Animals alone
- Dragons
- Hard Yaoi/Yuri
- Heavy armoured characters
- Vehicles
- Characters with very complicated robotic parts


You have to send me points before I show the finished picture.


- Send me a note with "Commission" as a subject.
- If it's your original character, please make sure you have a reference picture or character description and mention as much details as you like.

:bulletred: Please, keep in mind that (unfortunately) I'm not a robot, so it might take a while to draw your commissioned picture. Thank you for your patience. (:

Okay, here's the menu. I think the prices aren't wallet-raping. 8D
If you have any questions, ask me by commenting here or sending me a note. :)


CourageWielder - half-body sketch - her OC :pointr:…
shamoosh - full body, simple shading - OC Finnygun :pointr:…
oOMoonwolfOo - full body, not shaded - her persona (paid) :pointr:…
oOMoonwolfOo - half body - shirtless Desmond :pointr:
Bigbusiness81 - coloring a lineart :pointr:…
GloomyDaysGoodbye - full body, realistic shading - OCs Ariel and Argos :pointr:…
PyroYukai - full body, not shaded - her OC Kaai and Tavros (Homestuck) :pointr:…
boinae - simple shading, transparent bg - fursona Sage and Kirk Bones (Star Trek) :pointr:…
Kadarami - full body, realistic shading - OC Sevastian and his cat Rosalind :pointr:…
Saldemonium - full body, realistic shading - her AC OC :pointr:…
VulcanTrekkie45 - full body, simple shading - AC OC Liam Ó Dubhda (2 drawings - hood down, hood on) :pointr:…
DunkinUchiha - full body, not shaded, transparent bg - fursona Dunkin… and Madara (Naruto) :pointr:…
XxDarkXBeautyxX - half body - Shino and Tenten (Naruto) holding hands :pointr:
Danique-sama - full body, not shaded - Minato (Naruto), 2 OCs :pointr:…
Vaat-MyLyck - half body - Kadar A-Sayf :pointr:…
CRed1988 - full body, realistic shading - OC :pointr:
DieselPoweredDoodad - full body, simple shading - OC 4LPH4 giving pillows to 5kipper :pointr:…
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in commissions for points.
They wouldn't be expensive, I'm not a mafia boss or something, I don't need tons of points... Just tell me if you'd like me to do commissions and I will make a list of prices.
I just saw TRON: Legacy. I liked it. A lot.
So you can be expecting some JEFF BRIDGES! I mean... fanart... yeah.
And maybe an OC.
That damned Gimp just ate a picture I was working on for 2 days.
AAARRGH I am so pissed off! WHY? WHY, GOD? WHY DO YOU HATE ME, YOU SLY BASTARD?! Why did you leave an empty layer there instead of the whole picture? WHERE DID YOU F*CKING PUT THE OTHER 23 F*CKING LAYERS?!
I am so not going to draw it again! NEVER!


GOOOSH WHYYY! I want to shoot somebody right in the face! Dammit!

I got Assassin's Creed 2 from my cousin. THANKS MAAAAN. It's good to have a family full of game fags. No offence. Lol.
I must say. It's an amazing game, but I still like the first one more. It's more deep than the second one and, you know, Altair. NO OFFENCE, EZIO LOL.

Ok. What else, what else. Oh yeah. It's February.
No. Seriously. What happened? Some sort of... TIME PARADOX? Maybe a BLACK HOLE.

Who knows?
I don't.

That's all.
Love you guys.